Emma Uwakwe

The Austin Bat Refuge
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The Austin Bat Refuge
Credits: emma uwakwe
Date of Work: 11/06/18 - 12/04/18
Updated: 07/20/19
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Dianne Odegard is a true animal superhero. She began her selfless path as a wildlife rehabilitator in 1990, and has ever since been tirelessly working with animals that live in close proximity to cities, with the hopes of educating people on how to live peacefully alongside  wildlife. She is the Co Founder of the amazing Austin Bat Refuge, headquartered in the comfort of her own home. At this refuge Dianne and her husband, Lee Mackenzie take care and rehabilitate orphaned and injured bats until they are ready to graduate "flight school", and be released back into the wild.

By Emma Uwakwe —

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