Utuado X

Non-Profit Organization / Based in Utuado, Puerto Rico

UtuadoX is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the town of Utuado in Puerto Rico as a touristic eco-adventure destination for the local and international tourist and audience. Through its website, UtuadoX offers local and... read on


The mission of UtuadoX  is to market the town of Utuado, known as the "Heart of Puerto Rico", as a local and international destination for ecotourism, where tourist can experience a unique vacation enriched with pristine natural areas, extreme adventure, culinary arts, and unique history, culture, and community.

UtuadoX works to educate the local and international traveler by easily connecting them with the local businesses in the town of Utuado. In doing, so, UtuadoX aims to build a brand that stimulates the economic development of Utuado's local community, and at the same time, foster respect for its natural areas, culture, and people.