• Wojciech Ryzinski

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  • Location: Ireland
    Nationality: Polish
    Biography:     Polish photographer currently based in Ireland. VII Masterclass 2016/2017, Berlin. Eddie Adams Workshop 2015.


Updated Mar 29, 2017
Irish Greyhound Industry
By Wojciech Ryzinski
Irish Greyhound Industry The sight-hounds normally live for...
Ireland Animals, Documentary, DOG, Greyhound, Photography
Updated Mar 29, 2017
Irish Honey Bees
By Wojciech Ryzinski
Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in...
MITCHELSTOWN Agriculture, Bees, Documentary, Editorial, Food, Honey, Photography
Updated Mar 29, 2017
Horse Fair At Puck Fair
By Wojciech Ryzinski
A horse fair is held on the first day of the Puck Fair, one of...
Kerry Horse, Ireland, Photography
Updated Mar 29, 2017
Easter Horseback Procession. Gliwice, Poland.
By Wojciech Ryzinski
The horseback processions were common in the Silesia region of...
Documentary, Easter, Easter, Religion, Religious, Tradition, Photography, Photojournalism, Poland, Religion, Tradition
Updated May 11, 2017
Tokyo, 東京, Tokio
By Wojciech Ryzinski
Street photography. Tokyo, Japan. June 2016
Updated Feb 16, 2018
Gaeltacht - Irish Speaking Regions
By Wojciech Ryzinski
When I first came to Ireland in 2004, I knew very little about...
Republic Of Ireland Documentary, Editorial, Education, Family, Historical, Ireland, Irish, Landscape, Language, Photography, Portraiture, School/College, Street, Travel
Updated Nov 23, 2017
The Backstage-Cork City Ballet
By Wojciech Ryzinski
I had a pleasure working with some super talented dancers,...
Cork Arts, Celebrations, Children, Documentary, Editorial, Photography, Portraiture
Updated Mar 28, 2018
Hong Kong - Bird's Market
By Wojciech Ryzinski
The Hong Kong Bird's Market known as the Yuen Po Bird Garden is...
Animals, Documentary, HongKong, Photography, Senior Citizens, Street, Travel