• Nicola Ughi

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  • Location: Italy
    Nationality: Italian
    Biography:   Nicola Ughi is an experienced corporate and storytelling photographer, skilled in portrait, industrial reportage, sport reportage, architecture and travel. He is working with several clients in Italy: industries of papermaking, icecream and... read on
Updated Apr 13, 2017
Fixdesign Horseriding
By Nicola Ughi
Fixdesign Horseriding is an italian primary label in horseriding...
Advertising, Fashion, Lifestyle, Photography, Sports
Updated Jun 02, 2017
Sammontana Icecream
By Nicola Ughi
I use to shoot picture for Sammontana catalogues since 4 years. I...
Italy Advertising, Fashion, Food, Photography
Updated Jun 01, 2017
ICT Paper Tissue Making
By Nicola Ughi
Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti is a huge tissue making paper group,...
Corporate, Industrial
Updated Apr 13, 2017
Istituto Rizzoli Sicilia - Bagheria
By Nicola Ughi
Quando il professor Faldini, direttore e primario del dipartimento...
Bagheria Black And White, Documentary, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
Updated Jul 18, 2017
Teatro Del Silenzio
By Nicola Ughi
On the 3rd of august 2017 Andrea Bocelli will sing again in his...
Bocelli, Celebrity, Documentary, Editorial, Photography
Updated Dec 15, 2017
By Nicola Ughi
Quando ho iniziato a fotografare ho sempre preferito le persone ai...
Celebrity, Photography, Portraiture
Updated Jan 11, 2018
By Nicola Ughi
Tra foce e pineta is a project, and then a book and a series of...
Updated Jun 02, 2017
Gente Di Mura
By Nicola Ughi
Gente di Mura is a book, edited by ETS Pisa in 2014, in the...
Documentary, Editorial, Photography, Portraiture
Updated Sep 26, 2017
By © Foto Nicola Ughi
Eroica is going to start again - OCTOBER 1st 2017, and I'll be...
Gaiole In Chianti Bicicle, Fine Art, Photography, Portraiture, Sports, Travel, Tuscany
Updated Jul 18, 2017
That's Amore - Amalfi Costiera
By Nicola Ughi
That's Amore... this is one of the most famous song which reminds...
Tourism, Italy
Updated Jun 02, 2017
FLAIR Mondadori Parties
By Nicola Ughi
Updated Jul 15, 2017
Women - MaratonaDolomites'17
By Nicola Ughi
Sono quasi 1000 e sono tutte donne, poco più del 10% del 9300...
Corvara Sport, Women
Updated Jul 18, 2017
Pinarello Tinky Ladies
By Nicola Ughi
Si chiamano Tinky Ladies, sono circa 50 donne di ogni età, amanti...
Updated Sep 01, 2017
Exhibition In MIA Parma
By Nicola Ughi
FROM the 30th of September till the 8th of October in PARMA...
Documentary, Fine Art, Landscape, People, Photography, Photojournalism, Sedicinoni, Spiagge; People; Sea; Summer, Street
Updated Aug 28, 2017
La Grande Estate Italiana
By Nicola Ughi
Il Tour "La Grande Estate Italiana" di Sammontana per le spiagge...
Lifestyle, Event
Updated Aug 28, 2017
Teatro Del Silenzio 2017
By Nicola Ughi
Teatro del Silenzio is still one of the best place in Tuscany to...
Music, Photography, Portraiture
Updated Dec 18, 2017
By Nicola Ughi
This summer I had the possibility to think about my work ... and I...
Capannori Photography, Portraiture, Studio
Updated Oct 02, 2017
Eroica 2017 - XXI Edition
By Nicola Ughi
Eroica 2017 was really a "record" edition, with more then 7000...
Gaiole In Chianti Eroica, Vintage, Eroica, Cycle, Cyclism, Tuscany, Vintage Bike, Chianti, Chiantishire
Updated Oct 03, 2017
Eroica Amazons
By Nicola Ughi
The Amazons of the Eroica Sometimes thay smile, sometimes they...
Cycle, Vintage Cycle, Eroica, Chiantishire, Photoeditor, Sportarticle, Sport, Vintage Cycle
Updated Nov 15, 2017
Fixdesign Horseriding In Verona 2017
By Nicola Ughi
Horses, Jumping, Horseriding
Updated Dec 10, 2017
Making Chestnuts Flour
By Nicola Ughi
Senza titolo 22.pages A reportage about the ancient works of the...
Pian Di Novello Jobs, Reportage
Updated Feb 21, 2018
Pinocchio Di Mastro Tarcisio
By Nicola Ughi
Mastro Tarcisio Pacini è un falegname toscano, amnte del castagno...