• Philippe Schneider

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  • Location: Bangkok
    Nationality: French
    Biography:   Philippe Schneider was born in France in May, 1967. After dabbling in student activism whilst completing a Bachelor of Arts and Communication at university, Philippe found his calling as a Humanitarian Aid Worker. He has been exposed to the... read on
Updated Sep 22, 2010
Human Mobility
By Philippe Schneider
  Human mobility project Approximately 214 million...
Updated Oct 06, 2010
It Is All About Me
By Philippe Schneider
Today I am going back to work, and to be with my family. I want to...
Updated Nov 10, 2010
By Philippe Schneider
The "Origin" project consists of portraits and interviews taken in...
Women, Documentary, Story Telling, Palestine, Identity, Refugee, Camps,
Updated Oct 14, 2011
My Adoptive Family
By Philippe Schneider
My relationship with my wife’s Australian family in South...
Australia, Documentary, Family, Joy, NEW, Photography, Youth
Updated Nov 27, 2014
Where We Live Matters
By Philippe Schneider
Where We Live Matters We often perceive slums as dark dens of...
Activism, Discrimination, Documentary, Globalization, Homelessness, Migration, Portraiture, Poverty
Updated Mar 19, 2015
Where We Live Matters_Video
By Philippe Schneider