Adolfo Pumarejo

Photographer @ IEST Anáhuac based in Tampico, Mexico Adolfo Pumarejo portfolio on Visura - a professional network to connect with photo editors and art buyers, and build photography portfolio websites. Visura members, like Adolfo, share photojournalism, art photography, landscape, travel photography, portraits and more. Adolfo has 5 projects, 0 community news posts, and 7 images shared in the photo stream.

Adolfo Pumarejo is a 19 year old mexican-american photographer currently living in Tampico, Mexico. He has been working in several proyects since 2013 when he first began street... read on
"Asoleada Por La Soledad" - Spanish for 'sunburned by loneliness', of course, the title works far more in Spanish. This picture was from a time I really liked using film. If my memory doesn't fail me it was Kodak Portra 400 and a small Canon point & shoot.. I really liked the warm colors it provided. The photo was taken in San Antonio, Texas in spring of 2016.
"Vistas Y Lugares Casi Conocidos" -- Spanish for "Looks & Places Almost Known". Cafe Capuchino is a very popular cafe shop in Tampico, Mexico, where I am currently living. This cafe is in Tampico's downtown area. Life in this area never fades.
"Doggo Wants Attention" -- 6th Street, Austin, Texas, United States
Sacame A Pasear -- "Take Me Out For A Walk", title clearly referring to the dog in place. This picture was taken with my Olympus point & shoot with its integrated filter. The location being downtown Mexico City.
"El Wawa Quiere Atención" -- Spanish for "The Dog Wants Attention"... a title similarly seen in "Doggo Wants Attention". A lot of the photos I post don't come to build a series, but I suppose I could find a way if I wanted to. This photo was captured in San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico in July of 2016. When I saw the dog I couldn't help but capture him. The cut off owner and the focus to the dog draws heavy inspiration from Elliot Erwitt's "Dogdogs" photo-book.
"Reflejos Familiares" -- Spanish for "Familiar Reflections". Just the simple beauty of a familiar look in a mirror. My aunt. Who from time to time visited us when I lived in the U.S. and she lived in Mexico. Dinner, a close and warm moment I got to spend with her and my uncle. Something that doesn't happen very often.
"May I Have A Fascist Pizza, Please?" - Venice, Italy Photo part of my future project explaining how people are experiencing the new complexities and globalization of the world in Europe.
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