• Andy Prisbylla

    Artist & Documentarian
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  • Location: Pittsburgh, PA
    Biography:   I’m an artist and documentarian living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio, I grew up witnessing the deindustrialization of the community and the effect it had on my family and friends.  This... read on
Updated Feb 06, 2017
By Andy Prisbylla
The freedom to express oneself is always important and as...
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Arts, Black And White, Civil Rights, Documentary, Immigration, Oppression, Photography
Updated Jul 14, 2017
Little Chicago
By Andy Prisbylla
Once a prosperous steel town in Southeast Ohio, the city of...
Steubenville, Ohio Architecture, Arts, Community, Documentary, Photography, Poverty
Updated Nov 27, 2017
The Foundry
By Andy Prisbylla
In Joel Garreau’s Nine Nations of North America , the country...
Activism, Community, Documentary, Fine Art, Historical, Industrial, Lifestyle, Photography, Protests, Workers Rights