• paul matzner

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  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    Nationality: usa
    Biography:       My passion is to make images of people just being themselves, relating to each other or their environment. I admire Henri Cartier-Bresson, whose work has been called “the poetry of human encounters on the street.” That’s... read on


Updated Mar 18, 2014
New York City B/W
By Paul Matzner
My goal is to show people as they are, just being themselves,...
Black And White, Candid, NYC, People, Photography, Street
Updated Jan 13, 2018
Facing You/Facing Me
By ©Paul Matzner
We pass people on the street every day without making eye contact...
Milwaukee,Los Angeles,Chicago,New York City USA Editorial, Faces, Photography, Portraiture, Strangers, Street, Urban
Updated Feb 01, 2018
Diary Of A House
By Paul Matzner
This is a personal project which started in 2012 when a friend...
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Abandonment, Documentary, Editorial, Fine Art, Home, House, Photography, Rejuvenation, Renewal