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  I am an American photographer, currently living in the United States.  I find it  hard to classify myself. We can take photography in so many different directions these days.... read on
Young man struggling with opioid addiction reaches for another pill.
String bean from the "My Own Backyard" project. Normally, I don't post anything about projects until they are complete, but I've always got eight or ten I'm kicking around, most of which will never see the light of day. Just thought I'd see how working in public goes with this one. I have a story in mind, but it's far from assured it will work out.
Fladge Hagen, 93, enjoys some Blues music at the W.C. Handy Blues & Barbecue Festival in Henderson, Kentucky. Ms. Hagen enjoys live music more than ever because, due to ongoing hearing loss, it’s so loud she can still hear it quite well.
At some point, we all want to be Degas, no?
Buddhist monk surveys Canal Street on a rainy day.
From my essay Too Many Black People in One Place, NYC cops keep a close watch on young people trying to enjoy Fourth of July at the beach.
Scene from a benefit for Coney Island U.S.A..
Young marchers at the Children's West Indian Days Parade in Brooklyn, NY.
Burning Man.
Amy Herzog, author and professor of Media Studies at Queens College, poses in the Coney Island Museum. Earlier she had given a talk on, among other things, the relationship between immersive experience and architectural fantasy as rendered by the fantastical work of Albert Grass at Coney Island in the 1940’s.
Singer/Songwriter Michael Patrick Sullivan, who bills himself as the Traveling Troubadour, accompanied by a friend on harmonica, play country and rebel-rock standards at the American Legion in New Haven, Illinois on Sunday afternoon, June 26.
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