• Hanna Jarzabek

    Photographer & Photojournalist
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  • Location: Madrid /Spain
    Nationality: Polish
    Biography: Hanna Jarzabek (1976, Poland). She finished a Master degree in Political Science and worked on refugee reports for UN agencies such as UNRWA and UNCTA. She developed her passion for photography while travelling (the Gaza Strip, Iran,... read on


Updated Aug 04, 2017
The Autumn Flowers (Spain)
By Hanna Jarzabek
THE AUTUMN FLOWERS (Spain 2013-2015) "We...
Barcelona, Madrid/ Spain Discrimination, Documentary, Gay, Gay Rights, Multimedia, Photography, Photojournalism, Relationships, Sexuality
Updated Aug 04, 2017
Black Future (Spain)
By Hanna Jarzabek
BLACK FUTURE (Spain 2012-2013) As they like to say in...
Mieres/ Spain Documentary, Energy, Photography, Photojournalism
Updated Aug 04, 2017
Lesbians & Much More (Poland)
By Hanna Jarzabek
Warsaw/Poland Discrimination, Documentary, Feminism, Gay Rights, Human Rights, Lesbian, Photography, Photojournalism, Relationships, Sexuality, Womens Rights
Updated Jul 30, 2017
Transito (Spain)
By Hanna Jarzabek
TRANSITO (Spain 2015-2016) The perception of transsexuals...
Barcelona /Catalonia /Spain Discrimination, Documentary, Human Rights, Lesbian, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Transgender
Updated Aug 04, 2017
Hard Times (Spain)
By Hanna Jarzabek
HARD TIMES (Spain 2010 - 2011) Spain is one of the...
Barcelona, Spain Black And White, Documentary, Photography, Photojournalism
Updated Jan 12, 2018
By Hanna Jarzabek
Black & White from Palestine - Palestine 2003...
Black And White, Children, Civil Rights, Combat, Documentary, Fear, Freedom, Human Rights, Military, Oppression, Peace, Photography, Politics, Portraiture, Soldiers, Violence, Weapons