Tory Ho

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Tory Ho is a visual storyteller originally from Hong Kong. She is currently studying Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University. Through her work, she is interested in communicating... read on


Tory Ho is a visual storyteller originally from Hong Kong. She is currently studying Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University. Through her work, she is interested in communicating ideas regarding social issues and modern culture.

Hao Kiu Ho, Tory | | +44 (0)75 92477354

dual citizenship: Hong Kong/Canada

current location: UK


    • Highly ambitious and motivated Press & Editorial photography student.
    • Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
    • Skilled at researching and generating ideas for stories. 
    • Committed to a photographic career with an international photographic agency.
    • Experienced with utilising social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook) for promotion and storytelling.       


BA (Hons) Press & Editorial Photography, Falmouth University   2014 - 2017 (expected)

    • Narrative & Storytelling: News, Editorial & Documentary; Audio Visual, Multimedia.
    • Photographic Practice: Building Blocks of Press & Editorial Photography; Genre; News, Editorial & Documentary.
    • Professional Studies: Communication, Copyright and Business; Law, Ethics & Human Rights.
    • Photographic Theory: Critical Approaches to Reading the Image; Genre, Cultural & Critical Context.
    • Strong grasp of image copyrights, photojournalistic ethics & human rights and critical analysis.

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE_________________________________________________________

Editorial Photographer Intern, Getty Images, London, Britain                                    Nov 2016

    • Worked with the Director of Photography for EMEA and the Managing Editor of News to cover daily assignments.
    • Maintained full awareness of current affairs to ensure contextual understanding for assignments.
    • Used photoshop to make minor adjustments to photos.
    • Successfully have work published in The Guardian, The Independent and The Huffington Post. 

Picture Editor Intern, REX Features/Shutterstock, London, Britain                           Nov 2015 - Dec 2015

    • Used insightful judgement to identify and edit the most impactful photographs, while ensuring that relevant aspects of the story was covered.
    • Reviewed images for quality and overall integrity, and approved or edited captions for accuracy.
    • Applied the most accurate keywords while ensuring that all relevant elements and themes of the image was described.
    • Liaised with the Head of Editorial Assignments to ensure events were covered.
    • Maintained the photo archive (physical negatives/prints).
    • Organised workflow through photography applications FileZilla and Lightbox.

Freelance Photographer, Cartel Photos, Falmouth, Britain                                         Jun 2014 - Present 

    • Photographs local events, previous clients include: Falmouth University, Falmouth Nursery, Next Steps Cornwall, and Lavrak Dance.
    • Works with the Picture Desk Manager to ensure events are covered.

KEY SKILLS_____________________________________________________________________

    • Highly skilled in digital photography and videography.
    • Experienced with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Bridge, Premiere Pro, Audition, and Muse.
    • Experienced with photography softwares FileZilla and Lightbox.
    • Knowledgeable with studio lights - Elinchrom and Bowen kits.

OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS_________________________________________________________

    • Participant of NOOR/Nikon workshop - Manchester, UK                                                               2017
    • ‘Straight Up’ exhibition, PZ Gallery - Penzance, UK                                                                       2016
    • ‘Square One’ exhibition, Oxford House - London, UK                                                                   2016
    • Published in 205 DPI magazine                                                                                                   2015
    • Winner of Ideas Fund Innovators (16 to 22)                                                                                  2015
    • Published in Pig House Pictures blog                                                                                          2014