• Emily Schiffer

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  • Location: Maplewood, NJ
    Nationality: USA
    Biography: Emily Schiffer is a documentary photographer interested in the intersection between art, audience engagement, and social change. In 2005, she founded the My Viewpoint Youth Photography Initiative on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota,... read on
Updated Aug 18, 2017
Cheyenne River
By Emily Schiffer
In 2005, I founded a photography program for young people on the...
Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota, USA Black And White, Candid, Children, Community, Documentary, Education, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Freedom, Happiness, Health/Healing, Hope, Isolation, Joy, Landscape, Loss, Love, Minority, Oppression, Personal, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Sorrow, Teens, Texture, Water, Youth
Updated Dec 05, 2016
Carrying History
By Emily Schiffer
Recently, the Danube region has seen war, sanctions, invasions,...
Aging, Black And White, Borders, Candid, Children, Civil Wars, Community, Conceptual, Confrontation, Dictatorship, Discrimination, Documentary, Dying/Death, Editorial, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Family, Fear, Fine Art, Freedom, Genocide, Health/Healing, Historical, Holocaust, Hope, Human Rights, Immigration, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Love, Migration, Militias, Oppression, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Sorrow, Travel, Violence, War, Water, Youth
Updated Dec 01, 2016
By Emily Schiffer
This work, shown alongside "Haul" and "Impressions from 2016"...
New York, Boston, Cameroon, Italy Action, Aging, Arts, Belief, Birth, Black And White, Borders, Cancer, Candid, Celebrations, Children, Community, Conceptual, Documentary, Dreams, Dying/Death, Emotion, Environmental, Faith, Family, Fear, Feminism, Fine Art, Freedom, Friends + Family, Gender, Happiness, Health/Healing, Historical, Hope, Illness, Immigration, IPhone, Isolation, Joy, Loss, Love, Migration, Minority, Mixed Medium, Motherhood, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Pregnancy/Birth, Senior Citizens, Sexuality, Sorrow, Spirituality, Texture, Yearning