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    It is heartbreaking, you can tell the photographer took some to interact, connect with each of the dogs. You can see a bit of each one's personality, the curiosity revealed in each photograph. It brought tears to my eyes, and a feeling of helplessness as well. The poor wee creatures, so sad to know that each one has been lost. If only we humans took as much care of our fellow human beings and our fellow creatures, and didn't treat them so cavalierly. That said, I know some people turn in their pets because they can no longer afford them, but neither do I advocate for the bloodless attitude of those who deny the poor the ability to have a pet. I loathe the nasty, condescending way so called pet advocates treat poor human beings, as though they were less than, and at the same time, said advocates don't really seem to care about the animals either.

    By: Mares2 07/07/12

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    This is so heart breaking. My wife and I have a few dogs but we care for them so much and everyday we make sure that they are happy and know they are loved. The only thing they want is to be loved and to love us. My wife and I look at them as our children. When one of them gets sick we take them to the vet almost right away so that they can heal. Any animals life's purpose especially dogs and cats is to simply give us the love and attention that we look for everyday. My parents dog passed away a few weeks ago. I have never seen my own father cry in my entire life until he lost his dog, a man who was trained by the United States Air Force. When we visited them their home felt so different and it didn't feel right without their dog. My mother was never a dog lover until she retired, she cared for their dog so much she made clothes for her from a coat to wear during the winter to sleeping clothing. I know when I lost my first dog it took me weeks to heal far longer than healing from the loss of a family member. We are no longer humans, we have become evil in our own ways, we allow ourselves to over populate the world but we want to control everything else such as controlling animal populations without ever looking at ourselves.

    By: Chuck 07/06/12

  • Congrats to this proyect. Apart from being really very good photos, this is really a very good idea to help these amazing animals. I am looking forward to do the same in my hometown to try to create at least in some people a bit more concern not leaving the dogs in the street.

    By: Juan 07/05/12