• Cate Dingley

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  • Location: New York City, New York
    Nationality: American
    Biography: CATE DINGLEY lives in Brooklyn and works as a freelance photographer. In March 2017, Cate was listed by TIME as one of the 34 female photographers to follow. She is currently shooting Ezy Ryders , a long-term project about the black motorcycle... read on
Updated Oct 14, 2016
The Triumph Of Obscurity
By Cate Dingley
These are extraordinary people. They are all world record...
New York City, New York Celebrity, Documentary, Eccentrics, Fine Art, Oddity, Photography, Portraiture, World Records
Updated Feb 26, 2017
Exotic Bodies In Motion
By Cate Dingley
Exotic Bodies In Motion is a portrait of a rural strip club and the...
Ithaca, New York Analog, Black And White, Documentary, Fine Art, Photography, Portraiture, Sex Work, Sexuality, Stripping
Updated Jan 03, 2018
Spectacle: NYC Parades
By Cate Dingley
New York City Analog, Belief, Candid, Christianity, Documentary, Events, Faith, Film, Good Friday, Halloween, Parade, Photography, Photojournalism, Procession, Religion, Street, Veterans, West Indian