Gabriela Bhaskar

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Gabriela Bhaskar is a freelance photojournalist based in New York City. Her work takes an intimate look at social issues globally. She specifically is drawn to stories dealing with women's issues... read on
Bekasi, Indonesia. 2013. Yayasan Galuh is a mental health facility located approx. 10 miles outside of Jakarta, in the town of Bekasi. Patients live in large holding cells, many of whom are chained and caged. The women are held in a cell just adjacent to the mens, divided by simple fencing and a retaining wall.
Jess Croscious, 54, from Cade, Alabama with his sons, Jess and Ben at the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. "They are home schools. This is a great learning experience," said Croscious of his decision to bring his children to witness President Trump get sworn into office.
Etsio Flores 18, America Mendez, 37, Juan Flores, 17, and Xochitl Flores, 12, in New York City. The Mendez-Flores family is currently living in a shelter in New York City. Because a majority of the family's immigration status, America can't secure a regular job and they are ineligible for aid to get them back on their feet.