• Fatemeh Behboudi

    Documentary Photographer
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  • Location: Tehran, Iran
    Nationality: Iranian
    Biography: Fatemeh Behboudi   (Photojournalist and Documentary photographer) was born ( 1985 ) in Tehran, Iran.  She started Professional Photography at 2007 and worked for several Iranian news agancies :  (Fars news, Mehr news, borna... read on
Updated Apr 12, 2017
Mothers Of Patience
By Fatemeh Behboudi
It’s been so many years where all she can do is cry when...
Abandonment, Black And White, Civil Wars, Documentary, Friends + Family, Hope, Human Rights, Photography, Photojournalism, Street, War
Updated Apr 16, 2017
Myanmar-Transition To Future
By Fatemeh Behboudi
This series documents Myanmar's current state right before its 2015...
Updated Apr 13, 2017
One Moment
By Fatemeh Behboudi
This is an essay on execution in Iran. It is a self-reflection to...
Updated Apr 16, 2017
By Fatemeh Behboudi
IRAN: the land of love, pain, tradition, faith and hope " The...
Updated Jun 03, 2017
Martyr Is Alive
By Fatemeh Behboudi
Sons of workers are always killed in the war (1) and their blood...
Tehran Photography
Updated Oct 25, 2017
This City Has No Heroes
By Fatemeh Behboudi
war is a type of hasty development and the immigration resulting...
Updated Oct 09, 2017
The Last Fire
By Fatemeh Behboudi
For some, the burning and implosion of the Plasco Building in...
Tehran Documentary, Fear, Fire, Hope, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Updated Dec 24, 2017
Mourning For Hussein
By Fatemeh Behboudi
 Dying with honor is better than living with...
Iran Documentary, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Updated Jan 13, 2018
Life After Shock
By Fatemeh Behboudi
Iran is one of the countries in the world with the highest...