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  Freelance photographer Mireya Acierto’s artistic lenses have focused on global subjects of A-list celebrities, visual artists, fashion designers and musicians. At heart though, this... read on
This photo was taken on this small island in Nicaragua called, Ometepe. It's one of the most beautiful, tranquil places I've been in the area and I always find a reason to go back. www.mireyacierto.com
This portrait was taken on a small beach in Ometepe, Nicaragua. I was practicing using the backdrop stand and this young man walked by on his horse. Luckily he stopped to let me snap a few frames. It's one of my favorite photos to this day. www.mireyacierto.com
This photo was taken on Balangan Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Looking at all the nature and colors of this photo makes me realize how important it is for us to continue to protect our environment. www.mireyacierto.com
Life can change within a matter of seconds✨ I have started to ask myself what are my intentions. I'm still new to this way of thinking but I think it will help guide me in unexpected ways. 🦋✨🌸🌵🙏🏽 Surprise, AZ #life #change #travel #experience #explore #Arizona #NY #newbeginnings #2017 #meditate #trust #love #friends #family #future www.mireyacierto.com