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TXOMIN TXUEKA. Born in Getaria (Basque Country), Txomin is an independant freelance photographer focused on depicting the human condition, social disparities and the armed conflicts.

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phone  +34 695718733



Finalist: TOP 200  
Photolucida Critical Mass 2017  

Bronze Winner & Honorable Mention: Professional-Press / War 
PX3-Prix de la Photographie Paris 

Selected: PhotoBook Athens Exhibition
HCP-Hellenic Centre for Photography / Athens Photo Festival 2017 

Selected: Issue 98 
9th Anniversary Fraction Magazine

Honorable Mention: One-Shot; Climate Change, Professional-Water
IPA-International Photography Awards 

Finalist: People, Culture and Daily Life 
2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award

Nominee: Professional-Photojournalism 
10th International Color Awards 

Winner: Photography category
1st 2017 ArtSlant Prize Showcase 


Finalist: Editorial-Documentary 
5th Jacob Riis Award

Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, Photo Essay / Story
IPOTY-International Photographer of the Year

Honorable Mention: Professional-Photojournalism
Monochrome Photography Awards

Honorable Mention: Professional Photography 
LICC-London International Creative Competition 

3rd Place: Professional-Editorial, Conflict
TIFA-Tokyo International Foto Awards 

Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, General News
ND-Neutral Density Photography Awards 

Finalist: Documentary & Editorial
9th Pollux Awards

Honorable Mention & 2 Nominees: Professional-Photojournalism 
11th Black and White Spider Awards 

2 Honorable Mentions: Professional-People, Portrait & Professional-People, Children
IPA-International Photography Awards 

Selected Winner: LAF5 Winning Collection 
5th Latin American Fotografia 

Honorable Mention: Family of Man; Old Age, Professional
IPA-International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, General News
MIFA-Moscow International Foto Awards

2 Nominees: Professional-People & Photojournalism 
FAPA-Fine Art Photography Awards

Shortlisted: Mobile One Shot
Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival 2016 

2 Finalists: People
4th Zebra Awards

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence & Nominee: Professional-People 
9th International Color Awards 

Selected Winner: AP32 Annual Award Book 
AP-American Photography 32

Winner: Photography category 
1st 2016 ArtSlant Prize Showcase

Honorable Mention: Portrait
Artist Portfolio Magazine's 5th Anniversary Art Exhibition


Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, Documentary
IPOTY-International Photographer of the Year

Honorable Mention: Photojournalism
La Grande Photo Awards

3 Honorable Mentions: Professional-Photojournalism
Monochrome Photography Awards

4 Finalists: People / Culture, Daily Life, Documentary and Street Photography 
8th Pollux Awards

1st Place - Gold Star Award: Professional-Editorial, General News 
ND-Neutral Density Photography Awards 

2 Honorable Mentions: Professional-Editorial, Documentary & Photo Essay / Story 
ND-Neutral Density Photography Awards 

Nominee: Professional-Children of the World 
10th Black and White Spider Awards 

2 Honorable Mentions: Professional-Editorial, General News & Professional-People, Portrait 
IPA-International Photography Awards 

Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, Photo Essay and Feature Story 
IPA-International Photography Awards 

Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, War / Conflict 
IPA-International Photography Awards 

Selected: Think Tank Gallery 
Photo Exhibition Los Angeles-Life Framer 2015 

3rd Place & 2 Honorable Mentions: Professional-People / Portrait & Documentary 
MIFA-Moscow International Foto Awards 

3rd Place & Honorable Mention: Professional-Moving Images / Documentary 
MIFA-Moscow International Foto Awards 

Winner: Photography category 
6th 2015 ArtSlant Prize Showcase 

Honorable Mention: Professional Photography 
9th LICC-London International Creative Competition 

Finalist: The Last Picture Show / Documentary 
NYPH-New York Photo Festival 2015 

2 Selected Winner: LAF4 Winning Collection 
4th Latin American Fotografia 

Selected: Photo Contest Pro / Reportage 
Lugano Photo Days 2015 

Selected: Documentary Collection Book 
Fifth Annual SeeMe Exposure Award 

Nominee: Professional-Photojournalism 
First FAPA-Fine Art Photography Awards 

Selected: Heat / LensCulture & Daylighted 
SF Camerawork 2015 Juried Exhibition 

2 Honorable Mentions: Professional-Press / General News & Portraiture 
PX3 2015 Photo Competition 

Runner Up: Editorial-Documentary 
Jacob Riis Award 2015 

Honorable Mention: White / Documentary 
PX3-Prix de la Photographie Paris 

Honorable Mention: One Shot; Home, Professional-Places 
IPA-International Photography Awards 

3rd Place - Honor of Distinction & Nominee: Professional-Photojournalism 
8th International Color Awards 


Honorable Mention: Professional-Editorial, Photo Essay 
MIFA-Moscow International Foto Awards 

Nominee: Professional-People 
9th Black and White Spider Awards 


Honorable Mention: One Shot; One World, Professional-Places 
IPA-International Photography Awards 

Honorable Mention & Nominee: Professional-Photojournalism 
8th Black and White Spider Awards