• Lianne Milton

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  • Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Nationality: American
    Biography:     Lianne Milton is an American photographer based in Brazil and a member of Panos Pictures. Her work pursues stories with the goal of focusing on the effects of politics on people and their environments, in places such... read on


Updated Aug 15, 2010
A Future, Divided
By Lianne Milton
On December 26, 2004, water rushed into the city of Banda Aceh,...
Indonesia, Islamic Law, Sharia Law, Tsunami
Updated Dec 15, 2011
Guatemala's Green Hunger
By Lianne Milton
Throughout Guatemala’s fertile land lies a hidden struggle...
Children, Chronic Malnutrition, Climate Change, Documentary, Economy, Environment, Green Hunger, Hunger, Photography, Photojournalism, Stunted Growth
Updated Nov 01, 2012
La Vida No Vale Nada
By Lianne Milton
There's a common phrase Guatemalans say about violence in their...
Civil Wars, Corruption, Crime/Criminal Justice, Documentary, Gangs, Genocide, Guatemala, Guatemala City, Human Rights, Nebaj, Photography, Politics, Uspantan, Villa Nueva, Violence
Updated Jan 29, 2013
By Lianne Milton
Drug addiction is a relatively new social issue that began around...
Cambodia, Documentary, Phnom Penh, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
Updated Jul 18, 2013
Brazil's Awakening
By Lianne Milton
I Did Not Speak About the Flowers Pra Não Dizer...
Activism, Brazil, Confrontation, Documentary, Military, Photography, Photojournalism, Protests, Rio De Janeiro
Updated Jan 10, 2014
By Lianne Milton
(This narrative weaves together the conversations I...
Cultural Identity, Documentary, Latin America, Street