Updated Jul 12, 2017
The Afterlife Of Coca Dreams
By Juan Orrantia
Fragments, memories and imaginations of patriarchy and...
Latin America, Colombia Cocaine, Colombia, Documentary, Fear, Landscape, Latin America, Memory, Militias, Portraiture, Violence
Updated Jul 12, 2017
While I Was Thinking About Sex
By Juan Orrantia
Fragments of adolecent memories and the shaping of masculinity....
Latin America, Colombia, Bogota Cocaine; Narcotraffic;, Documentary, Landscape, Latin America, Memory, Nude, Personal, Photography, Teens
Updated Jan 05, 2017
Why Would...
By Juan Orrantia
In 1986 Chris Marker released his famous film Sans Soleil...
Anticolonialism, Civil Wars, Dictatorship, Documentary, Freedom, Hope, Landscape, Memory, Panafricanism, Photography, Portraiture, Violence
Updated Jul 05, 2016
By Juan Orrantia
It almost became a topic of dinner conversation. Should we...
Memory, Mules, Drug Carriers,
Updated Dec 18, 2017
By Juan Orrantia
Africa, Mozambique Black And White, Civil Wars, Documentary, Events, Historical, Landscape, Memory, Militias, Peace, Photography, War
Updated Jul 01, 2016
By Juan Orrantia
On 22 November 2000, the small town of Nueva Vencia in northern...
Colombia Black And White, Civil Wars, Community, Documentary, Dying/Death, Fear, Genocide, Human Rights, Latin America, Loss, Militias, Multimedia, Peace, Poverty, Short Film, Violence, War