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  • Location: Vermont / NYC
    Biography: Lukas Huffman is a Vermont-born film and video director currently based in the New York City area. He applies lessons learned from his 10-year career as a professional snowboarder to his passion for filmmaking, producing kinetically charged... read on
Updated May 22, 2016
Spotlight On Spotlight
By Huffman Studio
Boston Globe / Spotlight on Spotlight A documentary short...
Abuse, Advertising, Belief, Children, Community, Crime, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Faith, Family, Fear, Incarceration, Loss, Portraiture, Rape, Religion, Short Film, Youth
Updated May 10, 2016
Snow Craft Generations
By Huffman Studio
Transworld Snowboarding & Eddie Bauer / Snow Craft Generations...
Action, Belief, Business, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Freedom, Happiness, Hope, Landscape, Loss, Portraiture, Revolution, Science, Short Film, Snowboarding, Innovation, Passion, Progression, Independence, Disruptive, Iconic, Archival,, Sports, Technology, Travel
Updated May 22, 2016
Surfing After Sandy
By Huffman Studio
Beach 87th St: Surfing After Sandy Beach 87th St: Surfing After...
Beachs, Community, Disaster, Recovery, Hurricane, Flood, Waves, Island, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Family, Fear, Freedom, Hope, Landscape, Portraiture, Short Film, Sorrow, Sports, Water
Updated May 08, 2016
Hill Farmstead Brewery
By Huffman Studio
Hill Farmstead Brewery / Brewed to Perfection: Meet the Mind...
Updated May 22, 2016
Vice Drugs From The Deep
By Huffman Studio
Vice Motherboard: Drugs from the Deep Vice's Motherboard channel...
Beachs, Belief, Cancer, Documentary, Dying/Death, Environment, Environmental, Epidemics, Fear, Hope, Illness, Pandemics, Science, Short Film, Technology, Underwater, Water