• Charlotte Schmitz

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  • Location: Istanbul
    Nationality: German
    Biography: Charlotte has developed very consistent and original work about the issues that affect her as a young contemporary woman. She is building a very interesting narrative using compelling images to convey a deliberately personal approach. She has... read on


Updated Jan 07, 2014
Yo Soy Lo Que Soy
By Charlotte Schmitz
- I am who I am - (2013) 75-year old Maria Judith del...
Ecuador Cancer, Documentary, Latin America, Machala, Photography, Portraiture, Science
Updated Jun 30, 2017
çOk GüZelim, çOk GüZel
By Charlotte Schmitz
- I am so beautiful, so beautiful - 2016 This project...
Istanbul Arts, Colour, Documentary, Family, Flash, Gender, Parenting & Family, Patriarchy, Photography, Portraiture, Pregnancy/Birth, Relationships, Religion, Sexuality, Wedding, Women
Updated May 26, 2017
Living In Light, Air And Sun
By Charlotte Schmitz
(2014) In the late 1950s the Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius...
Berlin Architecture, Berlin, Community, Documentary, Gropiusstadt, NeuköLln, Photography, Portraiture, Satellite Town
Updated May 26, 2017
By Charlotte Schmitz
2014 I photographed places where people had sex. - University of...
Hanover Abstract, Architecture, Documentary, Erotic, Hanover, Instant Photography, Photography, Polaroid, Sex, Sexuality, University, Youth
Updated Sep 03, 2016
Take Me To Jermany
By Charlotte Schmitz
2016 This project chronicles the dangerous journey of refugees...
Borders, Discrimination, Documentary, European Union, Freedom, Human Rights, Migration, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Refugee, War
Updated Jan 27, 2018
La Puente
By Charlotte Schmitz
2017 170 women work in the biggest brothel of South Ecuador, in...
Machala Ecuador Arts, Brothel, Conceptual, Documentary, Ecuador, Gender, Instant Photography, Nail Polish, Photography, Portraiture, Prostitution, Sexuality, Women
Updated May 26, 2017
Moria (Lesvos)
By Charlotte Schmitz
2016 Moria, Lesvos EU hotspot and detention camp
Lesvos Deportation, Documentary, EU, European Union, Fear, Freedom, Greece, Hotspot, Human Rights, Lesvos, Migration, Moria, Photography, Politics, Portraiture, Racism, Refugee
Updated Apr 09, 2018
Garden Of Lost Dreams
By Charlotte Schmitz
2016 Photographed with Johanna-Maria Fritz Since 2015...
Updated Apr 09, 2018
By Charlotte Schmitz
2017 Berlin - Tunis  Najet Adouani, Tunisian poet...