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    Charlotte Schmitz

  • Location: Istanbul
    Nationality: German
    Biography:     *1988 near Cologne, Germany Charlotte Schmitz grew up in the cultural environment of the danish minority near Flensburg. After an exchange year in Ecuador, she graduated from a danish secondary school. She studied photojournalism and... read on

»Realpräsenz« group exhibition in Düsseldorf / Betonbox

Saturday, September 3, 2016 | News | Exhibitions

Group exhibition »Realpräsenz« in Betonbox (Düsseldorf), 02.09.-09.09.2016
12 artists, from different fields, all about »real presence«. 

Nathalie Bertrams (photography), Mavi Garci (perfomance/installation), Susanne Hille (singing installation), Peter Hoelscher (video), Hycinta Hovestadt (sculpture), Jiny Lan (painting), Gabriele Kaiser-Schanz (sculpture/installation), Ruth-Esther Mensah (text/perfomance), Lydia Peter (sculpture), Charlotte Schmitz (photography), Thorsten Schoth (sculpture), Herbert Willems (sculpture).

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