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    Charlotte Schmitz

  • Location: Istanbul
    Nationality: German
    Biography:     *1988 near Cologne, Germany Charlotte Schmitz grew up in the cultural environment of the danish minority near Flensburg. After an exchange year in Ecuador, she graduated from a danish secondary school. She studied photojournalism and... read on

Take me to Jermany - new project online

Friday, March 11, 2016 | News

I started taking instant pictures of arriving people on Lesvos, I met many people sharing their thoughts with me on the Greek/Macedonian border, which is closed for them, I spent some days at chaotic LAGESO in Berlin, I went to a camp close to the Syrian border, visited Izmir, where people are waiting to take the boats, and met some of the people again back in Germany. 

I live in Istanbul and Berlin and can easily move between these two cities, within just 2h50 hours in plane. Many friends needed weeks for the travels, some months...and now it seems impossible for all people to arrive to Germany or other destinations. Around 13.000 people are right now stuck under horrible conditions in Eidomeni. Europe is just watching and making deals with Turkey, hoping not many more people will cross the borders. 

To see some of the instant pictures, please visit my website: