Independent Documentary Photographer
Graveyard of Trees
Location: Howrah, West Bengal, India
Nationality: Indian
Biography: I belong from  the township of Howrah in West Bengal, India, and am currently pursuing a graduation degree in Electronics and Tele-Communications Engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Yet, there is this strong passion towards the art... read on
Public Story
Graveyard of Trees
Credits: upayan chatterjee
Date of Work: 05/20/20 - 07/15/20
Updated: 07/20/20
Location: Kolkata, India
A severe cyclonic storm, Amphan hit West Bengal on May 20, 2020 and led to state-wide devastation at a catastrophic scale. The coastal areas are devastated and shall perhaps take years to recover, while major problems like week-long suspension of water supply, electricity had become commonplace over the next few days. A lot has been said and major world, local media have already developed/ in the process of developing detailed narratives about this massive natural event.
However, as a fledgling photographer, I decided to develop my own directed visual story to follow and narrate the widespread devastation of trees and efforts at restoring them.
The visual story is the photographic representation of my own personal feelings regarding what I saw and how I felt on witnessing the fallen trees in my own locality and within my University Campus, the despair that came with the death of the trees that I had known for long, together with the humble hopes that formed from following the relentless hard-work of certain organisations towards trying to restoring trees,which still had life in them.
The photo journal has been published by The New Journalist Magazine.



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