Nicole Tung

Location: Istanbul
Nationality: American
Biography: Nicole Tung is a freelance photojournalist. She graduated from New York University, double majoring in history and journalism, and freelances for international publications and NGOs, working primarily in the Middle East and Asia. After covering... read on

By Nicole Tung —


Leica Fotografie Int'l: The Cafe in Raqqa

By Nicole Tung — ONE PHOTO – ONE STORY  "The photo was taken in the city of Raqqa, in the town’s main..
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The People Dissent - Visa Pour l'Image 2020

By Nicole Tung — Nicole Tung The People Dissent  ÉGLISE DES DOMINICAINS   AUGUST 29 TO SEPTEMBER 27, 2020..
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7th Lumix Festival for Young Journalism

By Nicole Tung — In lieu of the physical exhibition meant to take place in Hanover, Germany (June 19-28, 2020) there will be..
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Solo Exhibition at the Hong Kong FCC

By Nicole Tung — Friends in Hong Kong, with the appropriate social distancing measures in place in HK (two tables apart, no..

NPR: 'Somewhere Like Home': Uighur Kids Find A Haven At Boarding School In Turkey

By Nicole Tung — In the past six years, thousands have sought refuge and settled in Turkey, according to Uighur leaders..

The Atlantic - The End of Hong Kong's Postcard Era

By Nicole Tung — The End of Hong Kong’s Postcard Era The city—famed for its efficiency and..

The Wall Street Journal - Masked and Anonymous: Meet Hong Kong's Army of Protestors

By Nicole Tung — Masked and Anonymous: Meet Hong Kong’s Army of Protesters On the front lines of Hong Kong’s..
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Solo Exhibition, Prix Bayeux-Calvados Award for War Correspondents

By Nicole Tung — Exhibition at Prix Bayeux Calvados festival in Bayeux, France - Oct. 7 to Nov. 3, 2019 at the Musée..

The Washington Post - In Some of Hong Kong's neighborhoods, Chinese nationals are not welcome anymore

By Nicole Tung — In some of Hong Kong’s neighborhoods, Chinese nationals are not welcome anymore Political protests in..

The Washington Post - Another Day on the Frontlines: Following and Mapping One Hong Kong Protestor

By Nicole Tung — Another day on the front lines The Washington Post follows a Hong Kong protester as she tries to elude..
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