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Tower Block Quarantine / "We are also humans"
Location: Hanover, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: Freelance journalist based in Hannover. Searching for calmness among chaos. My work is mainly focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis. I like multimedia storytelling and photo-essays. 
Public Story
Tower Block Quarantine / "We are also humans"
Copyright michael trammer 2021
Date of Work 06/20/20 - Ongoing
Updated 06/24/20
In the small town Goettingen, in Lower-Saxony, "Groner Landstraße 9", a residential complex with over 700 inhabitants has been under quarantine for several days. More than 200 had infected themselves with Covi-19. In the first days the most necessary things were missing. First of all, residents should not be allowed to leave the building - despite the fact that some of them had been tested twice with negative results. On Saturday 20th, there were clashes between police forces and residents. One resident told the "taz" newspaper that she had only received expired chips and apples. A purchase before the quarantine was not possible. Solidary people donate food and hygiene products. Solidarity activists have had a vigil since Saturday, as a contact point for support and for documenting and observing the situation. On Tuesday, there was a first relief: Some people were allowed to leave the area again. In the afternoon of June 23rd, several hundred people demonstrated in solidarity with the residents & "against racist conditions and police violence". Activists demand the immediate decentralized accommodation of the inhabitants in hotels and an analysis of the structural causes of the situation. The police were on the spot with numerous units and prevented the rally from taking place directly in front of the building.

The Corona pandemic hits those who are already marginalized the hardest. Some families of more than 5 people share 40 sqm 2-room flats. (Social distancing is impossible here.) A mixture of social legislation and real estate speculation are the causes of the precarious conditions. The reporting on german media, like e.g. BILD, is partly characterised by racist stereotypes. Since the first days, a sign has hung on the Groner Landstrasse to remind bypassers: "We are also human beings." According to the "Göttinger Tageblatt" at least 2 families want to move out of the Groner Landstraße immediately despite Corona - to protect their children. They want to enforce this judically.

For up-to-date information I highly recommend the Twitter account @gronerland, which transports the voices, fears and observations of the residents of the building. 


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