Michael Trammer

Keshvari Carpenting
Location: Hannover
Nationality: German
Biography: Freelance photo- and videojournalist based in Hannover and Munich. Work mainly focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis. Searching for calmness among chaos.  I like photo-essays &... read on
Public Story
Keshvari Carpenting
Credits: michael trammer
Date of Work: 11/13/18 - 11/13/18
Updated: 07/24/19
Location: Keshvari Teppiche
Archived as:  ,
Somewhere in the southern part of downtown Hannover a small Persian carpenter can be found. Mr Keshvari repairs and retails carpets. According to him business is not easy, but with the skills he learned as a boy in Iran he is trying to restore and obtain the beauty of his customers carpets. A small story about his craftsmanship.

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