Michael Trammer

Deportations to Afghanistan from Munich Airport
Location: Hannover
Nationality: German
Biography: Freelance photo- and videojournalist based in Hannover and Munich. Work mainly focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis. Searching for calmness among chaos.  I like photo-essays &... read on
Public Story
Deportations to Afghanistan from Munich Airport
Credits: michael trammer
Date of Work: 02/22/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/23/19
Location: Flughafen München
On a monthly basis since early 2017 the german government is conducting mass-deportations to Afghanistan. The country that keeps being rocked by outbreaks of violence is declared a so-called 'secure country of origin'. Reports of the UNHCR oppose this and paint the picture of a chaotic situation in the country. Those denied shelter in Germany, as well as some with criminal offenses, are forced to Kabul with charterplanes. After a bomb-attack on the german embassy the flights were paused, but soon later resumed. Several NGO's and politicians are calling for a stop of the flights.  German troops are still participating in the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan. Hundreds have protested through Munich airport unheard by the government that is only attempting to speed up the process and amount of deportations. Images were taken on during several deportations (22.2.17, 3.7.18, 14.8.18 & 11.9.18) at Munich airport. Practices used by german authorities on the flights were addressed and criticized by the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, CPT. The german government attempts to prevent the documentation of deportations and keeps photojournalists far off. In the distant and dark the fate of refugees is decided.

  Cover photo & single-images published :
  DER SPIEGEL 10/2019 - Inhaltsverzeichnis


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