Michael Trammer

Bella Halben
Location: Hannover
Nationality: German
Biography: Freelance photo- and videojournalist based in Hannover and Munich. Work mainly focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis. Searching for calmness among chaos.  I like photo-essays &... read on
Public Story
Bella Halben
Credits: michael trammer
Date of Work: 03/15/19 - 05/09/19
Updated: 07/24/19
Location: Bielefeld
... is a well established german camera women with a lot of passion for her job. Becoming a camera women in reporting she aims to capture real moments during the production of feature films and her work has a documentary aspect to it. Her companion on productions across the globe: Terrier Rocky.

2018 the German Association of Cinematography (BVK) had only 18 female of approximately 300 members. The series shows Bellas work during the production of german feature film and tries to shine light on a job that is in crisis regarding gender equality.

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