Michael Trammer

Photojournalist / Mediadesigner Picture & Sound
Location: Hanover, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: Freelance journalist based in Hannover. Searching for calmness among chaos. My work is mainly focused on social movements, breaking news, politics, far-right extremism and humanitarian crisis. I like multimedia storytelling and photo-essays. 

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Events News

Lesbos Project wins "Bronze" @ CPOY75

By Michael Trammer / Lesbos, Greece — I feel honoured, that Raphael Knipping's and my work on the situation on Lesbos this March (..

Extinction Rebellion in Berlin

By Michael Trammer / Berlin — Am frühen Morgen klingelt das Telefon. Es geht los. Um 4:12 Uhr beginnt die erste, von vielen..

New Blog - Calmness among Chaos.

By Michael Trammer / Hannover, Germany — During the past four years I have been working around social movements, protest and politics in Europe...
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