joana toro

Afro-Colombian Midwives
Location: New York and Bogota
Nationality: Colombian
Biography: Joana Toro Colombian is a self-taught photographer based in both New York City and Bogota, Colombia. Her work explores issues of immigration, human rights and identity and was featured on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian... read on
Public Story
Afro-Colombian Midwives
Credits: joana toro
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 06/20/18

Daily work of a guild of midwives in Colombia's Pacific Coast. I enter the midwives’ association office in a humble neighborhood of Buenaventura, a city on Colombia’s Pacific coast. These midwives have a deep knowledge of natural medicine that forms part of their Afro-Colombian cultural tradition, they are immaterial heritage of Colombia.

Asociación de parteras unidas del Pacifico en Buenaventura.Estas mujeres tiene un profundo conocimiento de la medicina natural y el parto humanizado sumado a su gran herencia ancestral Africana parte de la tradición cultural Colombiana. 


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