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Domestic Borders - Back to South
Includes 54 images
Credit: tommaso rada via Visura
Asset ID: VA16494
Caption: Available
Copyright: © tommaso rada, 2023
Collection: environment feature personal Travel
Location: europe
Topics: Agriculture Borders Capitalism Community Documentary Editorial environment feature Film Film Stills Fine Art Historical Immigration Landscape Lifestyle personal Photography Photojournalism Portraiture Relationships Street Travel

tommaso rada

Based in Sao Paulo

Tommaso Rada is an Italian photographer currently living in São Paulo, Brasil. Tommaso Rada is a documentary photographer working on socio-economic issues. His projects describing the surrounding society are aims more to create...
Also by tommaso rada —

Bulgaria, Nikopol. A view of Turno Magurele industrial area. Turno Magurele industries caused a massive pollution of the area.

Romania, Giurgiu. A man working as security guard stand on a barrack in front of an abandoned factory that he watch.
Spain, San Sebastian. A view of the seaside of the Basque city. The region has been the house of ETA, an indipendentist armed political group. In 2007 the ETA and the Spanish Government reached an agreement on the disarmetion of the group.
Portugal, Vila nova de Cerveira. A group of local boys stand in front of a soccer field on some fake grass. The plastic grass is used only for special events to avoid the usage.
Bulgaria, Rupite. Thermal bath facilities. Close to the thermal facilities was built the mausoleum to Baba Vanga, laso called the "Nostradamus of the Balkans", a very famous Bulgarian clairvoyant. Today the place is a renowned tourist attraction.
France, La Mongie. A view of a building belonging to a ski resort. According to the European Environment Agency, Europe’s mountain regions may suffer some of the most severe impacts of climate change. Increasing temperatures can change snow-cover patterns and lead to water shortages and other problems such as reduced ski tourism.
Spain, Cardona. A view of a mountain of salt, a geological unique of the Pyrenees. In the area the salt mining has been the main activity for decades. The excessive extortion of salt caused the contamination of the aquifer ground.
Portugal, Vila Nova de Cerveira. A prostitute on the main road that connect Portugal with Spain. Despite prostitution is legal in Portugal and in Spain, the presence of brothels in Spain is the reason of a flux of sex tourists that cross the border.
Spain, Valcarlos. A church built on the top of the mountain passage that connect Roncisvalle to the France. In this area the Paladin Roland was ambushed and killed.
Portugal, Vilanova de Santo Antonio. The Guardian River trace the border between Spain and Portugal for around 110 km, along this distance there are only 2 bridges and 2 ferry services that make possible the border crossing.
Bulgaria, Petrich. Workers in a shoes factory. Several factories in Bulgaria are working for Italian clients because the cheap labour cost.
France, Saint Girons. A portrait of a german travellers. The Ariege region is today a refugee for travellers and Romani People, it also host several "hippies" communities and it is a open sky laboratory for alternative agriculture and farming.
France, Pic du Midi. Tourists relax at the top of the Pic du Midi where is located the higher Astronomy Observatory of Europe.
Romania, Giurgiu. A border policemen check for illegal migrants.
Romania, Orsova. A communist style monument with a wrote welcoming refugees.
Italy, Ponte San Ludovico. A local beach close to the border with france surveilled by camera to prevent migrant to cross the Italian/French border.
Greece, Promqchonas. Greek flags on the border of the road. The Greek Macedonia is one of the poorest region of the country.
Italy, Courmayeur. A tourist sent a phone message on the top of the Montebianco cableway, the highest of Europe.
Romania, Tulcea. A church has been built in the countryside of Tulcea. After the fall of the comunism regimen, religion became more and more popular.
France, Camarade. Mr Roberto work on his fields. Mr Roberto is part of an association named Prommata that project modern agriculture machine to allow farmers to use animal traction for the field work.
Spain, Ayamonte. Buildings on a beach of Ayamonte. Before the economical crisis Portugal and Spain strongly invest in civil construction, today several apartments built are empty while several buildings were left incomplete due to the lack of funding.
Spain, Ibort. Marco is an Italian that moved to Ibort. The village was completely uninhabited until a group of persons occupied and rebuilt some of the houses. Today the village is composed by an intercultural and international community.
Italy, Courmayeur. Courmayeur is know as one of the richest ski resort of Italy. Despite the tradition the climate changes are threaten the winter tourism.
Greece, Serrai. Abandoned petrol station. The Greek Macedonia is one of the poorest region of the country.
Bulgaria, Rudozen. The fence part of the old Iron Curtain that was separating Bulgaria from Greece.
Romania, Dobromir. Local Mufti. Dobromir is the only Romanian village with the 90% of muslin.
Greece, Idomeni. Fence used by the Republic of Macedonia authorities to prevent the passage of the refugees.
Bulgaria, Svilengrad. A petrol station with photos of Putin and Harley Davidson. A percentage of Bulgarian is not happy with the entrance of Bulgarian in the European Union and would prefer a closer alliance with Russia.
France, Bugarath. A statue of an alien in a field of Bugarath. Several legends states that in 2012 the apocalipse would take place and one of the few places that would be safe would be the village. Suddenly the price of the houses increased.
Romania, Tulcea.  A view of an abandoned open air cinema.
France. Pic du Midi. A view of the Astronomic Observatory antenna.
Italy, Airole. A view of the Roia River Valley. the valley is also know as the death valley because the high numbers of migrants that died trying to cross the Roia River to reach France.
Italy, Camporosso. A street paint representing the Nervia River. The region is hit by violent floods that in the past destroyed several villages.
Spain, Badajoz. A water park built with the shape of a middle age castle.
Romania, Dabuleni. The Dabuleni desert is the only one in Europe; the desertification start because intensive agricultural exploitation.
Spain, Candanchu. A view of a ski resort. According to the European Environment Agency, Europe’s mountain regions may suffer some of the most severe impacts of climate change. Increasing temperatures can change snow-cover patterns and lead to water shortages and other problems such as reduced ski tourism.
Romania, Calarasi. A farmer with his sheep.
Bulgaria, Trigrad. Two women stand on the side of the road.
Romania, Orsova. Teenager chill out on the lake creted by a dam on the Danube River.
Portugal, Vila Nova de Cerveira. German tourists on the Minho River, the natural border between Portugal and Spain.
Romania, Constança. A young couple having some food near an abandoned military bunker.
France, Aulus-Les-Bains. A view of the Pyrenees from the col d'Agnes. The legend by the Greek mythology recounts that the name of the Pyrenees Mountains come from Pyrene, the daughter of Bebrex. The mountains would be a monuments built by Hercules to pay homage to his beloved Pyrene.
Italy, Ventimiglia. A migrant look in the direction of the french coast from the Italian side of the border. France intensify the controls on the border with Italy suspending the Schengen Treaty.
Romania, Tulcea. Fishermen prepare for a day of work. In Romania is now forbidden to fish sturgions because in risk of extinction but on the other side of the Danube Delta, in Ukraine, the fishing is still allowed.
France, Amelie-Les-Bains. One of the daughter of Frauke. Frauke and his family decided to move on the Pyrenees, there they rebuilt a farm where they grow biological vegetable and host people that would like to help them in the farmer activities.
Portugal, Castro Marim. A golf court in Algarve close to the Spanish border. If on one side golf clubs didn’t felt the economical crisis on the other hand been close system they don’t promote the local economy and local business except the club itself.
ITaly, Ventimiglia. Father Julio Alvarez pose in the back yard of his parish. Due to the high number of migrants and the lack of a european response Father Alvarez opened a center that hosts nd help minors refugee, mainly underage migrants that would like to reach France to be unite with their families.
Bulgaria, Bardaski Geran. A MIG plane uses as a monument in the main square of a village.
Italy, Courmayeur.  A view of the last stop of the Monte Bianco's cableway, the highest of Europe.
Spain, A Gurada. Tourists visit a catholic sanctuary on the Spanish side of the Minho river.
France, Pic du Midi. A view of the Pyrenees.
Romania, Tulcea. Birds fly on a field.