Tish Lampert

Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: TISH LAMPERT   BIO: TISH LAMPERT www.tishlampert.org TISH  LAMPERT Originally from New York City, Tish Lampert began her work as a photojournalist in London where she free-lanced for numerous publications and newspapers, including The... read on
Dying To tell The Story - AN opportunity to present I Protest
tish lampert
May 29, 2018
so proud to be included on this planel this month...I take photographs that challenge us to think about how we mobilize, and to what end social action affects the political outcome. Beyond the composition of the aggregate crowd shot, my intent has always been to portray the individual narrative, to follow those I have met on the trail, and capture the faces that leave us curious about their story. I continue to look for that iconic moment that we will remember as we examine our participation in activism, to reflect on this history and perhaps identify our personal journey in relationship to these photographs.

By Tish Lampert —

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