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Biography: TISH LAMPERT   BIO: TISH LAMPERT www.tishlampert.org TISH  LAMPERT Photojournalist, Writer & Host of “America Speaks Podcast”  Author of  We Protest: Protecting The America We Believe In  (Rizzoli, March.... read on
Border Angels Enrique Morones on America Speaks - horrors of family separations
tish lampert
Jun 19, 2018

Please join us tomorrow am on KSFR.org on America Speaks at 10:30  east coast time prompt to hear Enrique Moronoes, the head of Border Angels  and the pivotal voice for immigrant rights  and shameful family separation policies -with the zero tolerance across the board from Trump  and his henchmen. Part one  and part two are on Apple Podcasts, and both on ksfr.org on their weekly Wake Up Call news hour. Part two is on tomorrow a.m.   http://americaspeakspodcast.libsyn.com/rss

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