Tish Lampert

Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Biography: TISH LAMPERT   BIO: TISH LAMPERT www.tishlampert.org TISH  LAMPERT Photojournalist, Writer & Host of “America Speaks Podcast”  Author of  We Protest: Protecting The America We Believe In  (Rizzoli, March.... read on
Art of Protest: Epiphany and the Culture of Empowerment
tish lampert
Jan 4, 2018
 The Church of the Epiphany/La Iglesia de la Epifanía (Lincoln Heights), 5–8pm.
This exhibition traces the parish's involvement in social justice issues since the late 1960s and the legacy of the Chicano Movement, and brings together work by Movimiento artists from the 1960s and 1970s with that of contemporary artists. The show is co-curated by LACMA educator Sofia Gutierrez, artist Ricardo Reyes, historian

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