Thomas Cristofoletti

Chasing the dream
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Hailing from the Italian Alps, Thomas Cristofoletti has been working in Southeast Asia as a humanitarian photographer and videographer for the last three years. Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he’s also the co-founder of   RUOM , a... MORE
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Chasing the dream
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Updated Mar 2012
Topics Documentary, Family, Finland, Happiness, Joy, Nokia, Photography

What's the meaning of chasing one’s dream? What sacrifices are we willing to make to turn it into reality? This is the story of Luca, a rocker and a full-time father, born in Italy and currently living in Nokia, Finland. 

He used to play in several bands, but now most of his income is derived from performing solo gigs around the country, sometimes driving hundreds of kilometers in snow to play cover songs in small suburban bars.

However, he makes a living out of music, something he couldn’t have ever dreamt of when he was living in Italy, and this makes it all worth it. 

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Thomas Cristofoletti
Chasing the dream by Thomas Cristofoletti
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