Adriana Thomasa

Documentary photographer and photojournalist
El País: El antropólogo que reduce las distancias sociales en Melilla sin derribar un solo muro
Location: Valparaiso, Chile
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Adriana Thomasa (1994, Melilla, Spain) Documentary photographer and photojournalist based between Chile and Spain. Her work explores and focuses in social issues related with identity and territory, migration, social movements and environment.
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El País: El antropólogo que reduce las distancias sociales en Melilla sin derribar un solo muro
adriana thomasa
Sep 27, 2021
Location: melilla

My first assignment for El País, about Oxígeno Laboratorio Cultural association, a true cultural laboratory in Melilla, my hometown. Oxígeno carries out a multitude of cultural and artistic activities for children and young people, in some peripheral neighborhoods of the city, where access to these instances is more difficult. Carrying out murals, cinema, radio workshops or tours of these neighborhoods are some of the activities developed by the association to promote culture and create community on the margins of the city of Melilla. Article by Jaime Ripa.

Thanks to Francesco, Sheima, Mohamed and José for showing us their important and necessary territorial work, to the neighbors who collaborate with the association for letting us know a little about their lives and to Jaime for telling this story so well in this piece of African land.

El antropólogo que reduce las distancias sociales en Melilla sin derribar un solo muro
Fundada por el doctor en Antropología Francesco Bondanini, la asociación Oxígeno Laboratorio Cultural impulsa actividades culturales y lúdicas para los niños de los barrios periféricos de la ciudad, lugares donde escasean recursos como...

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