Adriana Thomasa

Documentary photographer and photojournalist
EL PAÍS: El Barrio Chino (Marruecos), no siente la reapertura de la frontera hispano marroquí
Location: Valparaiso, Chile
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Adriana Thomasa (1994, Melilla, Spain) Documentary photographer and photojournalist based between Chile and Spain. Her work explores and focuses in social issues related with identity and territory, migration, social movements and environment.
EL PAÍS: El Barrio Chino (Marruecos), no siente la reapertura de la frontera hispano marroquí
adriana thomasa
Jun 23, 2022
Happy to share some images of one of my latest collaborations for El País, accompanying the text by Laura J. Varo.

After the reopening of Spanish-Moroccan land borders, the border town of Barrio Chino (Morocco) on the other side of the fence, whose passage is still closed and whose inhabitants used to work in Melilla, hardly feels the difference. Farida, a domestic worker from Barrio Chino,  who used to work in Melilla, has been one of the many cross-border workers affected by the border closure. She has been out of work for two years and now she must apply for a visa to return to work in Melilla. On assignment for EL PAÍS, text by Laura J. Varo.

El Barrio Chino, al otro lado de Melilla, no siente la reapertura de la frontera
La pequeña villa marroquí, ubicada junto a la valla, vive entre la indiferencia y la calma total la normalización del paso a España

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