Bruno Thevenin

Prisoners in Hunger Strike
Location: Madrid,Spain
Nationality: French/Spanish
Biography: Bruno Araluce C.Thevenin (Spain,1989) is a French/Spanish freelance journalist based in Madrid, Spain. After graduating in journalism, he started to work on the media. From the uprising of the native tribes in Standing Rock ( North Dakota ) to... read on
Public Story
Prisoners in Hunger Strike
Credits: bruno thevenin
Date of Work: 03/08/17 - 05/10/17
Updated: 10/05/18
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On  April  17th, 2017, more than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners will start a hunger strike to demand a regulation on their rights in prison. During the next 40 days, all the society will be involved in the fight to support their prisoners. Every village and city will actively organize many activities to show their support and to put pressure on the occupation to hear their demands.


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