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Backstage at Qing Ying Foreign Language School
Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Nationality: American
Biography: Theresa is an American writer, artist, and tinkerer with a soft spot for interesting projects. For the past decade, she has collaborated with a variety of companies and organizations on television, online, and in print. Currently, she is active as... MORE
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Backstage at Qing Ying Foreign Language School
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Updated Jan 2022
Topics Black and White, Children, Education, Photography, School/College, Youth
On January 17, the day before their final exams, 26 students in a fourth-grade class at Qing Ying Foreign Language School put on a performance to thank the school's teachers for their hard work. Many of the students did not know why they were taking time away from preparing for their final exams to perform, but they believed that all the teachers in the primary school with a student population of over 3000 would be in the audience, including the school's principal, and that this performance was "very important."

With an hour for makeup and another hour for the dress rehearsal, they crowded together backstage, awaiting the signal to step out in front of the lights.

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