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Writer and MC Rashad Dobbins joins The Daring community as first guest poet
the daring magazine
Apr 14, 2021
Location: South Orange, N.J.

The Daring Magazine invites Dobbins as first guest poet, the start of a collaboration during which he will write Monolith 202, a science-fiction series about his native Washington D.C.

The Daring Magazine reveals its inaugural Guest Poet Series through a new collaboration with American writer and MC Rashad Dobbins. Started December 2020, Dobbins’ guest role will be a year-long collaboration, during which he provokes all to consider the significance of today’s social-political events in Washington D.C. and their long-term impact. Titled Monolith 202, Dobbins’ series is full of symbolism, with “Monolith” referring to the Washington Monument obelisk and “202” referring to the phone area code for Washington D.C.

To launch The Daring’s Guest Poet Series, Rashad Dobbins describes, through written and spoken word, the events leading up to the 2021 Inauguration as seen through the eyes of a narrator from the future. Dobbins’ poems publish bi-weekly and are coupled with vivid digital art evoking a newsreel glitching. Each poem will also feature Dobbins’ audio narration set to music by D.C. area artists John Moon of The Cornel West Theory and Tim Hicks of Let The Dirt Say Amen.

Dobbins’ verse breaks convention and is always moving in unique and thought-provoking directions that challenge and reimagine the world, addressing issues like technology, identity, and power. Monolith 202 is a fervent and urgent collection that inspires and gives us a glimpse into Dobbins’ artistic universe.

This series begins a new chapter for The Daring Magazine, as they hand over their editorial reins to today’s leading luminaries to share with the world their vision. To date, The Daring Magazine has worked with over 50 artists from more than 10 countries.

Rashad Dobbins said: 
“I chose this partnership because I always loved the art that The Daring collective made since we were students at Duke Ellington School of Arts. It meant so much to me that we shared this energy and we helped raise each other artistically. As someone from Washington D.C., one of the biggest reasons I created Monolith 202 is to use science-fiction to show what the city is really like and how it feels to me, where other representations fall short.”
Ioana Friedman, Publisher and Editor of The Daring Magazine, said:
“Since the pandemic changed life as we knew it, the digital realm has been key in nourishing connection and preserving the arts for tomorrow. Our new Guest Poet Series continues The Daring’s digital advocacy, as we ask leading creatives in their field to test new ground and express their vision. As an independent platform that has already featured over 50 creatives from 10 countries in just two years, we believe this type of collaboration is vital in a world where the arts need more support than ever, following a brutally challenging period for creatives around the world. We hope that many will feel inspired by Rashad Dobbins’ body of work and appreciate the power of digital publishing in creating art experiences which more people can access.”
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Monolith 202 Sci-Fi Series | By Rashad Dobbins | The Daring
A mind-scrambling sci-fi poetry series from writer Rashad Dobbins imagining a pre-dystopian future in Washington D.C.

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