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The Plight and the Path: At the Intersection of Race and Gender by Rahima Rice
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The Plight and the Path: At the Intersection of Race and Gender by Rahima Rice
the daring magazine
Jun 1, 2021
Location: Washington, D.C.
The Daring

Simone and Lorde

A monthly column about sexuality, womanhood, and power by Rahima Rice.

Audre Lorde, a namesake of this column, was a self-described “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet.” She came to prominence during a time in the 1970s when women were fighting for ultimate liberation. Women on the frontlines of this battle were labeled feminists. A feminist is defined as a person who advocates for women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. Feminists wanted agency over their bodies, financial and occupational equality in the workplace, and laws against harassment and discrimination.

The average housewife was under the rule of her husband. Until 1974, when the Equal Credit Opportunity Act passed, married women could only get a credit card with their husband’s signature, and unmarried women couldn’t get one at all. Feminists urged housewives to see themselves as more than mothers and homemakers, to put their college degrees to good use, and create their own paths. But, there was a growing chasm in the women’s liberation movement that put Black and white feminists on opposite sides.

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The Plight and the Path: At the Intersection of Race and Gender | By Rahima Rice | The Daring
Black women have always fought for women’s liberation. As far back as the Suffragist movement, Black women have always rallied for equality of the sexes. But, Black feminists have always had to consider their plight in the fight, the intersection...

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