Tammy Law

Location: Brisbane
Nationality: Australian
Biography:      The work of Brisbane based photographer Tammy Law explores stories that stem from lived experiences. Reflective and evocative, her work expresses a fragile kind of belonging in how she addresses themes of migration and home.... read on
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Photobook As Object Exhibition
tammy law
Sep 11, 2017
PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT at Reminders Photography Stronghold by the 2017 Workshop participant photographers. 

From Sunday, October 1, 2017 to Sunday, October 15, 
1 pm to 7 pm (open everyday during the exhibition · free entrance)

Opening Event:
Sunday, October 1, 2017 
Open 1pm
1pm - Artist Talks by the Workshop participant photographers
7 pm - Cocktail Reception

Reminders Photography Stronghold
2-38-5, Higashimukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

About the exhibition:
This exhibition is presented by the "PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT" Workshop participant photographers, instructed by Yan Russell and Yumi Goto held in May 2017.

We are aiming to create and design Photobooks to deepen the story with physical elements such as the feeling and touch of the paper, fragrance, the feel of turning the pages, movement of the eyes, size and weight, etc. 

The work of sorting out various ideas, condensing and translating them onto the pages with iteration after iteration has been a huge undertaking.

This year, about half of the participants have come from overseas. With this added diversity of languages and philosophies, the discussions between the lecturers and the participants was richer, and forced a push towards discovery and improvement of the elements lacking in one"™s own book had it been done alone.

Presented here are the dummy-books from rough drafts to recent developments made during the workshop. These artworks become the starting point, continuing to evolve and improve while questioning oneself if this is "The artwork I wanted to create".

We look forward to enjoying and spending time discussing and exchanging ideas about the journey of photography, achievements and failures of creating an artwork with all of you. Please do not hesitate to come and join us at the venue.

Workshop instructed by:
Jan Rossel
Photographer based in Belgium and Netherlands. 
Yumi Goto 
Founder of Reminders Photography Stronghold 
Photography Curator and editor. 

Arimasa Fukukawa
Atsuko Murano Abalos
Giancarlo Shibayama
Jiye Kim
Kensaku Seki
Laura Liverani
Ryo Kusumoto
Tammy Law
Yan Kallen
Yachiyo Enomoto

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