Tammy Law

Location: Brisbane
Nationality: Australian
Biography:      The work of Brisbane based photographer Tammy Law explores stories that stem from lived experiences. Reflective and evocative, her work expresses a fragile kind of belonging in how she addresses themes of migration and home.... read on
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Away From Home Exhibition 4th April - 13th April 2017, Melbourne, Australia
tammy law
Feb 3, 2017

Away From Home is a series of photographs that will be exhibited at fortyfivedownstairs gallery in Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition will explore the dualities that surround the idea of home: between presence & absence, permanence & impermanence and belonging & displacement. The project engages in the lived experiences of liminality from the perspectives of the transnational diaspora from Burma. Away From Home investigates themes of migration, belonging, place and notions of home. These works aim to develop new understandings of the multidimensional complexities of being a refugee "“ both home and away "“ and expand on longstanding traditions of documentary photographic practice. At a time of increasing displacement and familial upheaval, it is important we take notice of how people get on in transcultural familial situations or how difference is lived on the ground.


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Photobook As Object Exhibition

By Tammy Law — PHOTOBOOK AS OBJECT at Reminders Photography Stronghold by the 2017 Workshop participant photographers.Â..
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Away From Home Exhibition 1st September - 15th September 2017, Brisbane, Australia

By Tammy Law
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Chinese Whispers and Other Stories Group Exhibition

By Tammy Law
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