Tahir Ün

Photographer, video artist, curator, activist
Location: Turkey
Nationality: turkish
Biography: Tahir Ün was born in Turkey. He has been working periodically at Xinjiang (Uighur) Autonomous Region of China, Balkans, Caucasia and Turkey as a freelance photographer, videographer, curator and activist. Tahir Ün is an... read on

By Tahir Ün —

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What is "the end" in Pandemic period?

By Azizm Sanat Örgütü — What does "the end" mean? What does "the end" correspond to? What do the..
Books News

"Under the same sky" virtual exhibition

By Tahir Ün — Turkey and Armenia are countries without diplomatic relations, which has no border crossing and no..
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Photo Exhibition

By Tahir Ün — My photo exhibition "Under the same sky" will be held between 30.January - 29.February.2020 at..
Books News

Book Launches

By Tahir Ün — The presentation of my book titled "Under the Same Sky" is at the Hrant Dink Foundation on 2..
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Felix Schoeller German Peace Awards

By Tahir Ün / Osnabrück, Germany — My Peace project "Under the Same Sky" was in the shortlist at Felix Schoeller German Peace Awards..


By Tahir Ün / Rill Village, Xinhe, Xinjiang, China — The Rill Village in Xinhe (Toksu) County claims a history of over 150 years of manufacturing Uyghur folk..

Id Kah Mosque during the Ramadan

By Tahir Ün — Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of..
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