Stuart Tibaweswa

Documentary Photographer
Katumba Oye!
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Nationality: Ugandan
Biography: I am a documentary photographer based in Uganda, Holding a BA in Industrial Art and Design at the Margaret Trowell School of Art, Makerere University, Uganda. My interest in photography started in secondary when my father gave me a point-and-shoot... read on
Public Story
Katumba Oye!
Credits: stuart tibaweswa
Updated: 01/25/21
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Youngest presidential candidate ever in Uganda, 24-year-old John Katumba, who managed to stand for office after the age limit was lifted, lowering the age of any presidential contestant from 35 to 18, garnered 35,983 votes (0.36% of the total vote) in the recently concluded presidential election.

His manifesto was centered around fighting unemployment and heavy investment in health and education.

|Photo extracts highlighting his key events during and after the election process|

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