Vilhelm Stokstad

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Location: Stockholm
Nationality: Swedish
Biography: My main interest lies in documentary photography. In 2013 i started working on the project  Voluntourism , investigating the phenomenon of mixing volunteer work with vacation. As the larger NGOs and more established volunteer agencies,... read on
Public Story
Children of Mosul
Credits: vilhelm stokstad
Date of Work: 04/10/18 - 12/16/18
Updated: 12/05/18
Location: Mosul, Iraq
Children of Mosul - Life after ISIS in a city of ruins. Almost a year after the liberation of Mosul, the old city is still in ruins, dead bodies are buried in the debris and even lying in the streets. But the schools are opening up and the amusement park is open again. Life and hope is slowly starting to return. In this series we have interviewed the children in Mosul.

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