Steven Edson

Documentary Photographer
Race Day
Location: Boston, Ma
Nationality: USA
Biography: As a documentary photographer working on personal as well as client projects, I enjoy collaborating with print and digital creatives to help tell the vital stories about the relationships of people to people, places and objects. It never ceases to... read on
Public Story
Race Day
Credits: steven edson
Updated: 09/26/16
This photographic series is about the people and their cars who simply want to go faster around a track or on a drag strip and to be the first to cross the finish line. This desire to be faster and better than the next driver has evolved to the development of street legal automobiles to what they are today. To enable a car to go faster not only means bigger engines and more efficient technological advances but also removing any weight in a car that doesnt help move a race car to an even faster pace. Air conditioning and mufflers are removed as well as additional seating, cup holders, spare tires and radios. These cras are stripped down, souped up and built for speed. Road racing at the track and drag racing can easily exceed 200 mph's depending on the class of vehicles racing. The noise and growls that comes from these cars is deafening and frightening. The smell of burning rubber is ever present. The potential for disaster and death is a constant companion to both the driver and anybody working close to the track.

By Steven Edson —

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