Kamila Stepien

Photojournalist & Filmmaker
Venezuela economic plight
Location: Paris
Nationality: polish
Biography: Her passion is to mix cinematographic framing, and fantasy and intense colors  posed on sometimes terrible stories that she tells. obsessed with documenting the consequences of current conflicts and the policies that reign in the world on the... read on
Public Story
Venezuela economic plight
Credits: kamila stepien
Date of Work: 02/01/19 - 03/06/19
Updated: 05/31/19
Location: caracas
On January 23rd 24-year-old Luigi Ovalles was shot during a protest against the socialist dictator of Venezuela. On the track of a talented poet and his enigmatic death at the hands of a special force of Maduro's police, the FAES.  



By Kamila Stepien —

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